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The mobile network of 0972 or 63972 are either Smart Communications or Sun Cellular.

About Smart Communication:

Smart Communications is a telecom company in the Philippines that helps us stay connected with our friends and family through our phones. It’s like the wizard behind the scenes making sure our messages and calls reach the right people. With Smart Communication, we can chat, share stories, and stay in touch, no matter where we are in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. It’s like having a trustworthy friend that always keeps us connected in this digital age.

About Sun Cellular:

Sun Cellular, a prominent telecom company in the Philippines, acts as a communication lifeline, ensuring that we can effortlessly connect with others using our phones. Think of it as a digital companion, facilitating smooth and reliable conversations through calls and texts. Sun Cellular brings sunshine to our communication experience, making it easy to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s like having a dependable friend who always ensures that our messages and calls reach their destination, brightening up our communication landscape with its efficient and accessible services.

Smart Network Number Prefixes List

0813 0924 0941 0962
0908 0925 0942 0963
0911 0928 0943 0964
0913 0929 0944 0968
0914 0931 0946 0969
0919 0932 0947 0970
0920 0933 0949 0971
0921 0934 0951 0972
0922 0939 0952 0973
0923 0940 0961 0974
0980 0981 0982 0985
0998 0999

Sun Cellular Numbers Prefixes